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My name is Asia Houston the CEO of Con10ental Catering. The name Continent was given to me by my kids Godmother (Rosa) back in high school (Woodside HS). That name has stuck with me since 2006 and this is why I figured it was perfect for my chef name as well as business. I have been cooking since ever I can remember. Instead of playing outside or watching TV I chose to be in the kitchen with family members learning how to make any and everything. I love to eat and I enjoy cooking for others, my daughter ( Serenity) is my biggest critic but is my biggest helper in the kitchen. I enjoy cooking at all family and friend get togethers and the crowds favorite is the famous  Mac n Cheese. I always worked in a food/ beverage environment. I worked at Cheesecake Factory for 2yrs and started catering with Straw Carnival in SF, which I was blessed with a lot of knowledge on catering as well as running a business. I worked at Straw for 6 years. In 2017 my significant other now my husband (DeMontae) encouraged me to start my own business with my cooking skills, and from there Con10ental Catering has been up and running and we look forward for new beginnings. 

Con10ental Catering was established in July 2018. Asia the Head Chef/ Owner created a foundation by using her everyday skill to build her foundation. We offer fun and festive appetizers to make any event perfect. The crowd favorites are Mack'N Cheese cups, Chxn & waffles, the crazy flavor of Wacky Wingz, and many others. We can provide a range from our fun and creative appetizers to the classy and jazzy dishes. There are no limitations to our catering services. We dedicate our great service and good quality food to our clients.

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